Corteforte’s harvest 2020

The 2020 harvest is over and the best bunches of our native varieties, Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Molinara have been manually selected and placed in crates for drying at the “R. Ferrarini” drying rooms in Fumane.

Thanks to the favorable weather conditions, which lasted until the end of September with high temperatures, the quality of the grapes appears good and since the hilly portion of Valpolicella Classica was not affected by the hail of 23 August nor by the storms of 28 and 31 August, there are prerequisites for high quality wines, ideal for a long aging.
Our Osan and Bertarole vineyards are hilly, the ideal area for growing Veronese pergola and obtaining superior quality fruits, necessary for the production of our Amaroni, Ripasso and Recioto.

It is possible that the vintage is favorable to the production of Amaroni Riserva in Limited Edition but the many passages and the times of fermentation and aging (several years) move forward a decision of the oenologist in this sense, even if we hope strongly . For example, the conditions for making Corteforte Dea Lualda amarone occurred only for the harvests of 2006 and 2013!

While waiting for the new wines, we are always ready to welcome you for a tasting of our award-winning wines or for a stay in the rooms of the fifteenth-century tower.
In the wine shop you can immediately buy the wines that will have you passionate about.

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