Corteforte was built at the beginning of the 15th century, in a strategic point of the valley of Fumane, in a district of the town denominated Osan. Originally the fortification was made of four lateral towers, connected by high stone walls and proved to be an important defense against North Barbarian invasions. As the sights and sounds of battle long faded into history, time and extensive reconstruction have softened the

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The territory, Valpolicella

Valpolicella is a complex and fascinating territory, characterized by the cultivation of the vine. The dry stone walls are typical of the landscape. They are called, in dialect, “marogne” and you can see them at the border of the roads and supporting the terraces of the vineyards. The region is at few kilometers from Verona and is bounded on the South by the river Adige and on the North by Lessini Mountains. On the West lies Garda lake, the biggest Italian

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The room for the wine tasting resembles the ancient medieval castle kitchen, with the huge fireplace, the long and massive walnut wooden table and the original Valpolicella stone sink. For arriving into the tasting room you pass through the garden. The tastings are organized inside but also outside on the patio, for small groups.

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Tasting Room