The vineyards

The vineyards that surround Corteforte have always been recognized as the the best in the region since they are situated on a gentle slope that enjoys excellent exposure to the sun. Here the sun rays are absorbed from dawn to dusk, a fact reflected in the qualità of the wines, in the rare aromas of roses, violets and almonds.

Beginning with the 1993 vintage and in consideration of their excellence it was deemed proper to commence the commercialisation of the wines as rare niche products, highly prized due to their very limited quantities.

Thus, from the very first year of production, all of the wines of Corteforte(Amarone, Recioto Amandorlato, Valpolicella classico superiore, Il Sole a sweet white wine from dried out grapes produced in tiny quantities) have achieved some of the most prestigious awards in Italy and abroad.

vineyards Osan and Bertarole
Valley Fumane
altitude and exposition 200/300 Sud Ovest
soil Hilly terrain, clay limestone soil, with southwestern exposure at an altitude of 150 to 300 meters
grapewines Corvina and Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara and other indigenous old varieties (Pelara, Oseleta, Dindarella)
system of cultivation Pergoletta veronese
vines/acre 3400
age 15 - 20 years
metric tons/acre 120
  • The vineyards
  • The vineyards
  • The vineyards